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12 free brush stroke Illustrator brushes

Sep 17, 2014 | Freebies

I recently found myself in need of some brush stroke brushes for Illustrator, only to find that there was a shortage of quality resources available online. Therefore, I decided to make a set of my own, which I’m now making available for you to download for free.

The set contains a total of 12 brush strokes, all of which were made by hand, scanned in, and vectorized, before being turned into this handy Art Brush library.

You’re free to use these brushes in both your personal and commercial projects. Although it’s not a requirement, if you do find them useful, a share on Twitter or Facebook would be much appreciated.

Download the brush stroke brushes


  1. Sam

    Thank you so much for these brushes! Absolutely love them!!

  2. Jagadish Devanga

    Thank you… Love from India

  3. Lalu


  4. Gabriela Mayorga

    Thank you 🙂

  5. KKuyu

    Thank you !!!^_^

  6. Jean Tuyan

    Thank you SO MUCH for this set! 🙂

  7. Insom Design

    Thanks very much

  8. Cecilia

    Thanks so much! Amazing set!

  9. DmZ

    Those are superb vector brushes, they look absolutely great. Of course I’ll give you credit if I ever use them in a project.

    Many thanks for sharing, and greetings from France !

    • Sam Jones

      Thanks, DmZ! No credit is necessary, but if you do use them in a project, I’d love to see the final piece!

  10. Soma

    No .abr file in the downloaded attachment. Only an empty vector file.

    • Sam Jones

      Hi Soma, there’s no .ABR file because these brushes are for Illustrator, not Photoshop. The vector file appears to be empty because the only data the file contains is the Brush Library, which you’ll find by going to the Brushes panel (Window > Brushes).

      For more on working with Brush Libraries in Illustrator, see here


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