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Over the last 18 months or so, watercolour themed designs have become immensely popular. Almost everywhere you look these days you’ll find watercolour graphics, patterns, backgrounds, and effects.

Probably the most popular aspect of this trend though is watercolour lettering.

To help you quickly and easily create watercolour pieces of your own, I’ve put together this set of free watercolour Layer Styles that enable you to apply watercolour effects to your type and lettering in Photoshop with just a single click.

How to use the Layer Styles

Loading the Layer Styles

Go the Styles panel (Window > Styles), open the Styles panel menu, select Load Styles, then open the file called ‘Watercolour Styles by Sivioco’.

Applying the Layer Styles

To apply the Styles to your type, simply make sure your type is selected then click the Style of your choice. A watercolour effect will then instantly be applied.

Improving the realism

If you’re applying one of the Styles to type placed on top a textured background, you can quickly improve the the realism of the effect by setting the Pattern Overlay’s Blend Mode to Multiply.

Download the watercolour layer styles